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I'm a writer. I have three dogs. I often write about my three dogs. I imagine that they often write about me.

This is why people have children.

Even bad pictures of babies turn out okay: They can be screaming bloody murder due to one grain of sand touching them and it’s still a cute picture. However, when you have dogs you are at the mercy of their … Continue reading

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Dear Strip Club Advertisers;

As I was driving down I-75 (again, I spend a lot of time there) I noticed one of your many billboards. Usually they don’t grab my attention because once you’ve seen one pole dancing silhouette, you’ve seen them all but this … Continue reading

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Article: Robyn VS. The Doors – Dancers on the Storm

Robyn VS. The Doors – Dancers On The Storm – Free Download – – We ♡ Music Yea this is fun. Still waiting for Robyn to swing by Atlanta. I’d be there with bells on.

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Originally posted on Grizzly Bomb:
Let’s get up to speed- last week we found Nucky alone a lot, frying bacon and dreaming of cherubic young men shot in the face. VanAlden is still a crappy salesman who gets picked on by…

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Boardwalk Empire and Elementary reviews

Over on Grizzly Bomb- you know you want to go look. Not only that but I’ve also found my way onto a Round Table for Elementary over on TV Fanatic. Good times. Enjoy!

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It’s Monday (well Tuesday)

and that means another Boardwalk Empire review up on Grizzlybomb! Woohoo! And for all you playing along at home, I was unable to make it until 3am for the Mists of Pandaria launch last night, fell asleep about 1:30. … Continue reading

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Oh yea, this is happening.

It’s 11:22 pm and I am currently watching the “pre-show” before the actual show for the launch of World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Mists of Pandaria. I mean seriously, I don’t think it gets much nerdier.

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